• NPRC Act Analysis on Star FM - Talking Justice & Healing

    "Violence dehumanises. Healing rehumanises, both the survivor and the perpetrator."
    Last night we were invited by Star FM on their current affairs programme the Spotlight to discuss the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Act (NPRC Act) and the national healing question. The programme was hosted by George Msumba and NTJWG Coordinator Dzikamai Bere was the guest on the Spotlight.

    The key issues were as follows:
    - What is the NPRC and what is its mandate?
    - Why do we need the NPRC?
    - What has necessitated the need for the NPRC?
    - Is the NPRC independent?
    - What are the highlights of the Act- weaknesses and strengths?
    - How can these weaknesses be remedied?
    - Should the Commissioners be part time or full time?
    - There is fear that issues of transitional justice can be used by politicians to score political points. What can the NPRC do?
    - What are the ingredients for a genuine healing process? What must happen for us to say we have achieved the actual goal?

    And yes, we spoke about Gukurahundi, Operation Murambatsvina among other atrocities that the Commission must address.

    You can listen to the audio here