Expectations from The NTJWG

Development of Guiding Principles for Transitional Justice Policy and Practice in Zimbabwe

On 24 September 2015, NTJWG launched the Guding Principles for Transitiona Justice Policy and Practice in Zimbabwe. This set of Guiding Principles is an outcome of a long dialogue among transitional justice actors in Zimbabwe spanning over the past two decades. This dialogue led to the birth of the National Transitional Justice Working Group (NTJWG) which is now charged with providing an interface between transitional justice stakeholders and the official transitional justice processes in Zimbabwe.

In pursuit of a comprehensive and participatory transitional justice process in Zimbabwe, NTJWG has consulted stakeholders at various stages. In the first stage, research was carried out into the international transitional justice standards as well as the experiences of other jurisdictions. At the second level, a study was carried out into key pronouncements by various Zimbabwean stakeholders on how they expect the process to look like for Zimbabwe. A mapping exercise was carried out on the key actors and interventions in transitional justice. From that grounding, the NTJWG brought together over 48 organisations to deliberate and agree on the guiding principles for transitional justice in Zimbabwe. The details of these deliberations are captured in the report of the Stakeholders Conference on Transitional Justice Principles in Zimbabwe.

48 organisations representing various transitional justice stakeholders participated in the conference. The conference was structured along the six transitional justice themes: Institutional Reform, Reparations, Truth-telling, Gender, Justice and Accountability as well as Memorialisation. Delegates were divided into six respective committees. The list of the committees and members is attached to this report.

The committees deliberated through the discussion points presented by thematic leaders. The committee discussions and plenary sessions which followed produced the agreed principles for each thematic area which have been published and are now used by stakeholders in their programming and advocacy work. NTJWG plans to ensure that the Guiding Principles continue to serve the needs of stakeholders and that they are updated regularly to reflect the prevailing convictions of stakeholders.