Thematic Committees

Thematic Committees

The NTJWG is not an organisation but a working platform for coordinating advocacy work on transitional justice policy and practice. Thematic leaders serve as facilitators for an inclusive approach to developing transitional justice policy. 48 organisations are engaged in the work of NTJWG along six thematic areas. This helps to maintain an ongoing connection between NTJWG and stakeholders. Current committees for NTJWG are as follows:

Institutional Reform Committee

  1. Research and Advocacy Unit
  2. Progressive Teachers' Union Zimbabwe
  3. Zimbabwe Elections Support Network
  4. Abammeli Lawyers for Human Rights
  5. Zimbabwe Association for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Offender
  6. Veritas
  7. Transparency International Zimbabwe

Reparations Committee

  1. Counselling Services Unit
  2. Masakhaneni Projects
  3. Women's Coalition
  4. Masvingo Counselling Trust
  5. Mutasa Youth Forum
  6. Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights
  7. Victims Association for Mat. South
  8. Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation

Promotion of Truth Committee

  1. Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference
  2. Zimbabwe Peace Project
  3. Legal Resources Foundation
  4. Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions
  5. Bulawayo Agenda
  6. Media Institute of Southern Africa
  7. Radio Dialogue
  8. Manicaland Victims Group
  9. Silveira House
  10. Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust

Memorialisation Committee

  1. Grace to Heal
  2. Tree of life
  3. Heal Zimbabwe Trust
  4. Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance
  5. Nhimbe Trust
  6. Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe
  7. Hwange Community Radio Station
  8. Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe
  9. Institute for Justice and Reconciliation
  10. Ukuthula Trust

Gender Committee

  1. Musasa Project
  2. Non-Violent Action and Strategies for Social Change
  3. Students Solidarity Trust
  4. Centre for Community Development Zimbabwe
  5. Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission
  6. Women of Zimbabwe Arise
  7. Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe

Justice & Accountability Committee

  1. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights,
  2. Zimbabwe Human Rights Association
  3. Amnesty International
  4. Law Society of Zimbabwe
  5. Justice for Children
  6. Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust
  7. Ecumenical Church Leadership Forum
  8. Counseling Services Unit
  9. Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum